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Classic Flat MEN Bracelet Silver Plated 925 Stamped Jewellery Chain Bracelet UK £9.99 34m
GB GVI 1950 UK to Amsterdam refused cachet postage due £6.95 44m
Silver Jubilee Stamps. Franked. Queen Elizabeth II 1952-1977. UK Stamp Full Set £4.72 51m
Southampton Packet Letter Franked Stamp. UK Universal Postal Union 1974 £1.72 58m
FUNSTAMPS UK~ LargeWooden Block Rubber Stamp~ Butterflies 0 BIDS £4.50 58m
7 x GB UK Early Postage Due stamps - used and franked 0 BIDS £8.99 58m
1951 UK Coat of Arms Solid Silver Hallmarked Stamp Ingot 24ct Gold Pl £20.00 1h 2m
Liverpool 1963 Franked Stamp. UK Postal Conference Centenary 1863. Queen. Purple £2.72 1h 3m
KLEMPERER brahms the four symphonies 4X LP BOX SET EX/VG, SLS 804, col stamp, uk £54.67 1h 5m
Jubilee Jamboree UK Franked Stamp Set 1957. Green Red Blue. Queen Elizabeth II £4.72 1h 6m
British Empire & Commonwealth Games UK Franked Stamp Set. 6d 3d Pre-decimal. £4.72 1h 8m
Vintage stamps Victoria George Uk Germany Sverige Swedish USA 1967 Collection 0 BIDS £3.00 1h 12m
Vintage British UK Passports 1953, 1963 & 1991 with Visas Stamps Cancelled 0 BIDS £85.00 1h 12m
Seventh Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference 1961 Franked Stamp Green 1/3. UK £1.72 1h 12m
1660 General Letter Office Franked UK Stamp. Purple. Express Good Wishes Mark £1.72 1h 15m
Franked Early Queen Elizabeth II Stamps. Royalty UK Used Stamps. Pre-decimal £3.72 1h 18m
Y2018 New York Dec 1954 cover UK 9c rate 2 stamps readdressed UK restamped 0 BIDS £7.00 1h 19m
GB 1977 Commemorative Stamps, Year Set~Unmounted Mint~UK Seller £4.45 1h 20m
Zensur ÜBERPRÜFT k.u.k. Territorialzensurkommission GRAZ auf AK Weihnachten 1914 £4.83 1h 22m
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