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Business For Sale 
Post: #1   PostPosted: Sat Jun 25, 2011 10:29 pm Reply with quote
Joined: 11 Dec 2009
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Location: UK

Welcome to Buy Sell Prince, one of the leading online auction sites on the internet based in the UK. This is a online auction website and is also an eBay alternative site, we all know about the high fees on eBay and the fact that there are plenty of people looking for an alternative to this.

Well buysellprince is one of the alternatives to eBay and is growing at a very fast rate with people joining every day looking for something different.

This site has been well maintained and has been fully search engine optimized for the organic searches at a cost to us at over £3000, so you DO NOT need to spend money having this done again unless you want to.

All the ground work for this site has been done from top to bottom and rubbs shoulders with some of the best auction sites online.

You can do as many searches as you like as regards online auction sites and you will find buysellprince on alot of the 1st page searches even at top spot.

We are selling this site because we have other projects we are working on at the moment and want to give someone else the chance to carry on the good work that we have done already.

The licence for the site will be transfered over to the new owner of the site as will the domain name which i have for another 5 years at least.

At the moment the site is being run as a FREE to list auction site but we do charge for other things, example of this would be a fee to be verified on the site as a seller, this is a fee of just £2.00 which can be set to what you want to charge.

When you go into the admin all you have to do is change the setting to how you want them which is 2-3 clicks of a button.

The site can more or less run itself so not much work is needed on your part as most the time its customer v customer ie the person buying or selling items.

The site has also taken on alot of the modifications within the script and is NOT your standed php probid site, the mods alone would cost you over $1000 to buy.

Ill give you a few examples of good ranking keyword for this site, free online bidding sites, bidding sites, free online auctions, bidding websites, free bidding sites, online bidding sites, buy sell online, buy sell free, there are lots more but too much to list. So you can see the work that has gone into the website.

We will also provide hosting for the site FREE for 1 month upon the sale of the site or you can have it transferd to your own hosting company FREE of charge.

We are open to offers (serious people only) and offers can be made to us at our email address at be sure to leave your details for us to contact you back, If iam missing anything then please PM me.

Thank You
buysellprince admin
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Business For Sale 
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